On September 18th

The independence holidays around the 18th went by so fast. A bit slow, but still very fast. They are now over and I'm glad they are gone. I'm not a fan of september the 18th here, there's too much going on, too much fuss and a little bit chaos. But I cannot not love my country, I'm grateful Chile is my home. Is definitely the place I like to come back after moving around from place to place. 

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Religious decorations from last year Procession of the Virgin (Virgen del Rosario, Petorca)Untitled

Had a lovely and quiet 18 celebration during the break: Enjoyed some not so cheap electronic games (feared a bit for my life), and went with my family to the northern part of the 5th region (a town called Hierro Viejo -"Old Iron"). On the 19th I went on a little walk to what it looks like a ghost town. (Believe me, people lived here... the party next door can testify of this.)

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Things you see in Valparaíso n05


Great blue walls and cute doors together.
Cosas que ves en Valparaíso: hermosas murallas azules y adorables puertas juntas.

Take me to: Luna Park (New York)

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These photos were taken last time I went to NYC. Coney Island is on my list every time I visit NY, it is a place I will always recommend (despite people have told me is not all that... well, people, it is to me!). I just love it. It is so much fun to see from afar because you know what's coming your way: tons of laughs, giggles, excitement, energy, smiles, overall a huge bucket of happiness. 

I just wish someone would take me to Luna Park right this minute (before I go to work my butt off for 8 months, with tiny little rest). I want to feel the breeze of fresh air on my face as the roller-coaster speeds up (is that a concept??). 

And that Wonder Wheel... please, be in my city!!