Seven days before.

I want to write so much, but they just don't come out not leave me. All these thoughts come out at the least expected moment: when I'm in line waiting for something or when it's 4 in the morning (when I should be sleeping). I have so many things in my mind. Thousands of thoughts come and go, they come and stay for 5 seconds and then... PUF... gone. I attributed it to my insomnia or my poor concentration (if my concentration had to be a size it would be a peanut ... Ok, not so much as a peanut, but very similar). It's not me, it's what's coming. There are all these things coming, new things. I'm leaving Chile to live on a boat for 8 months. Who puts themselves in this situation?? Apparently me (and others who are already working on boats).

What's exciting: 
+ to be in different places I've always wanted to visit and learn about. Just to walk around the streets of ports, lost anywhere in the world and be happy with those steps.
+ meet people totally new to me. People who share this enthusiasm, the excitement of moving in the unknown.

What's scary:
+ losing the boat. It has happened to others and I know myself: I'm loopy (did I mention I have the concentration the size of a peanut??)
+ to fall and break something in my body, I tend to do this.

+ I'm just realizing that all my fears are normal and don't beat my enthusiasm and excitement. So: I have NO fear (this is a lie,  I do have some, I just can't seem to have a specific one right now. Oh well ... that's that).

Siente días antes.
Quiero escribir tantas cosas, pero no me salen. Me salen a la hora menos indicada: cuando estoy en una fila esperando algo o cuando son las 4 de la mañana (cuando debería estar durmiendo). Tengo tantas cosas en mi mente. Miles de pensamientos vienen y van, entran, se quedan por 5 segundos y luego… PUF… se fueron. Yo lo atribuía a mi insomnio o a mi pobre concentración (tengo la concentración de un maní… Ya, ok, no tan así, pero muy similar). Pero no. No soy yo, es lo que viene. Son todas estas cosas que vienen. Por ocho meses me voy de Chile a vivir en un barco. Quién se pone en esta situación?? Aparentemente yo (y otros más que ya están trabajando en barcos). 

Lo emocionante: 
+ Conocer lugares distintos que siempre he querido visitar y conocer. Darme vueltas por calles de puertos, perdida en cualquier lugar del mundo y ser feliz con esos pasos. 
+ Conocer gente totalmente nueva para mi. Personas que comparten de cierta forma este entusiasmo, el entusiasmo de moverse a lo desconocido. 

Lo que me asusta: 
+ Perder el barco. Ha pasado y me conozco: soy volada (ya dije que tengo la concentración de un maní??) 
+ Caerme y doblarme una pata. Soy muy pata de lana. 

+ Me estoy dando cuenta que todos mis temores son normales y no le ganan a mi entusiasmo ni a mi emoción. Así que: NO tengo miedo (mentira, lo tengo, sólo que no logro enfocarlo en un algo puntual. Bue… ya fue). 

On September 18th

The independence holidays around the 18th went by so fast. A bit slow, but still very fast. They are now over and I'm glad they are gone. I'm not a fan of september the 18th here, there's too much going on, too much fuss and a little bit chaos. But I cannot not love my country, I'm grateful Chile is my home. Is definitely the place I like to come back after moving around from place to place. 

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Religious decorations from last year Procession of the Virgin (Virgen del Rosario, Petorca)Untitled

Had a lovely and quiet 18 celebration during the break: Enjoyed some not so cheap electronic games (feared a bit for my life), and went with my family to the northern part of the 5th region (a town called Hierro Viejo -"Old Iron"). On the 19th I went on a little walk to what it looks like a ghost town. (Believe me, people lived here... the party next door can testify of this.)

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Things you see in Valparaíso n05


Great blue walls and cute doors together.
Cosas que ves en Valparaíso: hermosas murallas azules y adorables puertas juntas.