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About 2 years ago I took a photography class. Class that made me the happiest girl in the world, really, my heart sang all the time I had class, even though it could be freezing cold, I loved those classes! On a little outing with a friend I took these photos of buildings in Viña del Mar. My friend, also a photographer, asked me to try and desaturate the photos. Here they are, they look a lot better! Thanks friend!!

There's always something great about architecture and structures and geometrical balance, no?

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News have come to my email, the words APPROVED all medical exams came as great news last night. Have nothing more to add. There's adventure to come, that's all. 
Noticias han llegado a mi email, las palabras APROBADO de todos mis exámenes médicos llegaron como una de las mejores noticias ayer por la noche. Nada más que agregar. Aventuras están por llegar, eso es todo. 

Things you see in Valparaíso n03

A nice looking muscular guy with a mustache riding his bike.
A un guapo ciclista musculoso y de bigote.