On Boat Rides in the Pacific

Yup. I went on a boat ride. It's not common for a "viñamarino" (a person from Viña del Mar, Chile, where I live) to go on tourist-y things to do around here. It's kind of fun to play hostess for a day (or two).

About CasaGrande (Culture)

¡Apoya a casagrande! from Casagrande on Vimeo.

I'm back in English, I never know when a language is going to stick around here (sometime soon..I hope). Anyways...
Last year I got my Diploma on Cultural Management. It was an exciting year, but I'm also glad it's over (the traveling to Santiago in the middle of the week was driving me nuts). At the end of the "school" year, we had lectures and visits from people who started just like us: with a good idea to develop and believe in. One of the guys from CasaGrande came and talked about what he does and what the organization is up to. All sounded very inspiring and all I thought was: I want to become like you, you know, get my ideas to have a great impact.

This video is from their crowdfunding campaign to do a book. It's from the Latin American platform Idea.me (pretty much like a kickstarter.com).

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Me quiero ir a Alaska

Ya que va a llegar el invierno me siento más tropical, pero este destino está dentro de mis top 10 igual! Dime loca, pero Alaska es un lugar que suena a que la nieve cae mágicamente y todo se ve hermoso en un manto blanco. Me da igual la época del año que sea, es hermoso durante todo el año (al como se ven en las fotos). Pasear en canoa (sí, siútica, canoa) por esas aguas con esas montañas nevadas de fondo, o pasar por ese hoyo de hielo (miedo), o simplemente tomar este tren por las montañas. Estoy segura que deben haber otros lugares que tendrán cosas parecidas, de hecho, no me cabe duda que en Chile deben haber imágenes similares a la primera, pero Alaska suena a magia, a frío constante (que me gusta) y a lugar remoto (donde nadie me logrará encontrar). 

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