Things you see in Valparaíso n03

A nice looking muscular guy with a mustache riding his bike.
A un guapo ciclista musculoso y de bigote.

The weekend: a recap

I thought I wasn't going to be up for this post, but it seems I'd like to share what happened around here during the weekend. 

So, let's see:
- Watched the last Almodóvar movie: Los Amantes Pasajeros
- Watched Celeste and Jesse Forever (for the 3rd time). 
- A new favorite soundtrack (of course this was going to happen)
- Went to see what was up with my volunteering this saturday (not a lot, apparently), but did see the cutest little belly!
- Renewed my header (look up... that's my handwriting, pretty, right?)
- Paid a little visit to my grandad at the cemetery
- Bought a new (and cheap) camera bag (I feel like a winner with the price a paid for it)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Kids Have Rights (yup, they do)

I was thinking today to do a recap of what happened on the weekend, but instead I decided to put down some thoughts on what we are celebrating today in Chile. Today is/was "kids' day" (or maybe children's day sounds better, you choose). As long as I remember my family has celebrated this day, same as every chilean family; but I'm not really sure we know what it means. I mean, yes, we got a lot of attention on this day, and yes we got to eat all the candy we wanted, and yes we got presents only because we were kids. Ok, I can see this as cute (I guess). I also see this as a way to teach kids about consuming and buying things they don't really need (I'll stop myself here on this "buying thing" because it is not where I want to go with this post). Anyways...

This may shock you but kids have rights. This is what we celebrate today. We should teach children these rights and try to look out and ensure they happen. We, as adults, must let kids know we are on it, we are here to protect them and to let them be their own individuals. But most of all, we are here to let them grow and live as any other person would --this may look simple, but really it has been so hard for people to understand these rights, to even acknowledge them. It's sad. Specially with what's been happening around the world lately. It is oh oh oh so sad, and very upsetting.

>> Declaration of the Rights of the Child
>> Unicef's Top 10 Cartoons for Children's Rights